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One of the services we provide is Colour Auditing (auditing and improving the colour accuracy of your system through profiling and calibration). If this is of interest to you, please read on...\n\n[img[./images/colouraudit.gif]]\n\nColour Auditing verifies that your printed colour accuracy is within certain tolerances.\n\nHow does it work ?\n\n* Click "Proceed to Colour Auditing"\n* Download the Test Target image file\n* Follow the instructions to correctly print the image\n* Let the print dry, and post it to us, with your cheque (to OurOffice)\n* We will audit the print for colour accuracy, and return it to you with a report, either electronically by email, or by post, whichever you prefer.\n\nColourAuditStep1
''Step 1 - Terms and Conditions''\n\nBefore you download the Print Target, you should read and understand the following Terms and Conditions. Click "I agree..." at the bottom of the page to continue.\n\nTerms for Colour Management Set-up, Bespoke Profiling and Colour Audit\n\nPixelmix Digital Training provides advice, training and colour management implementation on a best endeavours basis. It is inherent in the nature of colour, colour management, colour perception and printer engineering that a perfect match between input and output can never be achieved. Our best endeavours effort is intended to produce the optimum match between input and output, quantified by internationally recognised error criteria. We accept no responsibility for profiles not working correctly if the problem is due to the inherent properties of the devices or devices being profiled, neither can we guarantee that a bespoke profile will inevitably outperform a generic one provided with the equipment. While it is generally found that improvements are realised by bespoke profiling, if the generic profile is close to optimum all that we can do is quantify the residual error for you, not improve upon it.\n\nFor remote proofing we will take no responsibility for profiles not working correctly if the problem is due to incorrect output of the test patches, or incorrect settings in either Adobe Photoshop or your printer driver or in paper batch or ink variations. All profiles are delivered “as is” and if the results are not to your requirements we may be able to refine the settings or identify the cause of your problem. Re-measuring from new test patches will be considered as being a new profile, and will attract an additional payment. We can provide detailed instructions on output of profiling test patches on request.\n\nColour perception is subjective. It is not realistic to expect an exact match between the monitor and the profiled output. The monitor must be of sufficient quality, not aged (usually less than 3 years old) and properly calibrated; then, under optimum conditions, a close match can be achieved in practice. We can advise on the requirements of ISO 3664:2000, Viewing Conditions for Graphic Technology and Photography, but be aware that they are stringent requirements and some modifications to your working environment may be required before they can be satisfied. As an absolute minimum you must be assessing your printed output under Daylight or Simulated Daylight illumination conditions, D50 or D65 so called. Metamersim with some inkjet printers is a significant problem which makes accurate profiling more difficult and a good colour match in one type of illumination may not be replicated in another. Similar problems exist if the subject media (paper stock) has a high level of OBA (Optical Brightening Agent).\n\nMike ~McNamee ~BSc FRPS FBPPA\nPixelmix Digital Training.\nwww.mousepushers.com\n\nColourAuditStep2
''Step 2 (Download)''\n\nDownload Print Target Image file [[here|./images/colouraudit/colouraudit_print_target.jpg]] (Right Click "Save Target As...")\nOnce you have downloaded the JPEG image file, open it in Photoshop, making sure you honour the profile attached to the image.\n\nContinue to ColourAuditStep3 (Printing the Target)
''Step 3 (Printing the Target)''\n\nUsing the Photoshop text tool, fill in the "Printing Conditions" box with your name etc. If you prefer, you can write this in by hand later.\nPrint the image using the same paper and settings that you normally employ.\nMake sure the image is printed at its actual size (''A3''), i.e. ''don't resize it''.\n\nContinue to ColourAuditStep4 (Drying and posting the print)
''Step 4 (Drying and Posting the Print)''\n* Ensure you have filled in the Printing Conditions information box.\n* Allow the print to dry (see paper manufacturer's recommendations).\n* Send the print and a cheque for £35 (Thirty Five Pounds) made payable to "Pixelmix Digital Training" to OurOffice. \n\n''What happens next?''\n\nOnce we receive your print, we will analyse the colour and prepare your report. We will either post this back, or email it to you. At the same time we will send a VAT invoice.
Mike can usually be contacted on Skype\nCurrent Status is: [img[MyStatus|http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/mikemcnamee]]\n\nIf you wish to send me an instant message.... there's a button here...\n\nNote: You will need [[Skype|http://www.skype.com]] installed for this link to work..\n\n[img[Chat!|http://download.skype.com/share/skypebuttons/buttons/chat_blue_transparent_97x23.png][skype:mikemcnamee?chat]]\n/% [img[Call!|http://download.skype.com/share/skypebuttons/buttons/call_green_transparent_70x23.png][skype:mikemcnamee?call]] %/\n
[[Welcome to Mousepushers]]
Mike has been a pioneer of digital photography, moving from 35mm and medium format cameras many years ago. He has always had a keen interest in all areas of Photography, specifically [[SportsPhotography|./gallery/album/Sports/index.html]], [[MacroPhotography|./gallery/album/Nature/index.html]], Skin Tone Reproduction and Fine Art Reproduction.
Digital Workflow is all about creating physical output from an entirely digital source. Mike has specialised in this field for many years, and frequently provides consultancy on how to optimise all aspects of digital production.
For a selection of our work, please [[view the gallery|./gallery/album/index.html]]. Needless to say, all the images are copyrighted, and may not be linked to, copied onto another site, reproduced or used without our written permission.
Here's a few little Java Applets I've created...\n\n<html>\n<a href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open('./applets/numbertowordsapplet.html','_blank','width=600,height=300,top=30,left=200,scrollbars=auto');">Number To Words Applet</a>\n</html>\n\n<html>\n<a href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open('./applets/natophoneticapplet.html','_blank','width=650,height=600,top=30,left=200,scrollbars=auto');">Nato Phonetic Converter Applet</a>\n</html>\n\n<html>\n<a href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open('./applets/basenumberconverterapplet.html','_blank','width=550,height=500,top=30,left=200,scrollbars=auto');">Base Number Converter Applet</a>\n</html>\n\n<html>\n<a href="javascript:;" onClick="window.open('./applets/KeyboardTranslator.html','_blank','width=550,height=500,top=30,left=200,scrollbars=auto');">Typing English on a Russian Keyboard - Translator Applet</a>\n</html>\n
The Java Download area will return soon... for now.. check out some JavaApplets
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Please click on the menu links below to open each section of the site\n\n[[Welcome|Welcome to Mousepushers]]\n[[Colour Auditing|ColourAudit]]\n[[Digital Photography|DigitalPhotography]]\n[[Gallery]]\n[[Digital Workflow|DigitalWorkflow]]\n[[Training|TrainingServices]]\n[[Our Clients|ClientList]]\n[[Photo Lamp Calculator|LampCalc]]\n[[Java Applets|JavaStuff]]\n[[Contact Us|ContactUs]]\n\n''Are we online?'' ([[Skype|http://www.skype.com]])\nMike: [img[Mikes Status|http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/mikemcnamee]]\nMark: [img[Marks Status|http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/mmcnamee]]\n\n^^©mousepushers 2009\n[[site by markmc|http://mmcnamee.deviantart.com/]]^^\n\nWe like\n[img[Ubuntu Logo|images/ubuntu-sm.png][http://www.ubuntu.com/]]
''Welcome to Mousepushers.com''\n\nPlease see our [[Welcome to Mousepushers]] page
Mark is MikeMcNamee's son, he edits this website and looks after the technical side of Mousepushers\n\nThis is Mark's [[Twitter|http://twitter.com/]] Status\n\n<html>\n<div style="width:176px;text-align:center"><embed src="http://twitter.com/flash/twitter_badge.swf" flashvars="color1=13260&type=user&id=8002982" quality="high" width="176" height="176" name="twitter_badge" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" /><br><a style="font-size: 10px; color: #0033CC; text-decoration: none" href="http://twitter.com/mmcnamee">follow mmcnamee at http://twitter.com</a></div>\n</html>
About Mark... to be written ;-)
''Mike ~McNamee ~BSc FRPS FBPPA''\n\nMike ~McNamee is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer with 25 years experience in industry. He was formerly Technology Director of an international research team and also guided the corporate identity, reporting and presentation facilities of the company. A Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, he has won a number of National and International awards and his photography is used all over the world in encyclopaedias, text books, CD covers, scientific journals, calendars, magazines and newspapers. \n\nMike has been involved with digital imaging technology since its early days, winning the 1981 Struers International Award for work on digital image analysis. He has lectured in both Europe and America on specialised photographic techniques as well as authoring countless numbers of reports, books, scientific papers and patents. He has edited a number of national magazines including Digital Photographer and Digital Photographer and Creative Imaging. He is currently Editor of Professional Imagemaker. In 2002 and 2003 he completed a number of nationwide tours delivering seminars for Epson, Adobe, Olympus, Fuji and Nikon. He also gave the annual lecture to the AGM of the Royal Photographic Society Digital Imaging Group, the AEIMS European Medical Illustrators Conference, and for both Nikon and SWPP at Focus on Imaging at NEC. In 2003 he was invited to present the Autumn Seminar to the British Computer Society (on digital manipulation) and to the annual conference of BARQA (British Association for Research Quality Assurance) (on digital colour control, data security and encryption). \n\nHe was invited to deliver 16 seminars at Focus On Imaging 2004 at the NEC and was invited to repeat this in 2005; at Focus 2007 he gave five lectures. In 2005 he delivered a seminar to an audience drawn from pathologists and pharmaceutical testing companies from all over the world on image security and data manipulation at the University of Cambridge. In 2006 he was invited to speak once again at the European Medical Illustrators Conference, as well as regional medical illustration groups, on his speciality subject of skin tone reproduction. \n\nFor 2006 and 2007 he has lectured or is due to lecture for the SWPP/BPPA in Malta, Spain, Dubai and Ireland as well as the UK. He lectured on conventional photography at Priestley College, Warrington for a number of years and now lectures there on digital imaging and Photoshop.\n\nHis client list includes almost all the major photographic suppliers, inkjet printer manufacturers, paper makers, a large number of government organisations, the Police, Forensics, Special Branch, HM Customs and Excise and a number of Medical Illustration units of the hospitals and university teaching hospitals.
Here is our logo... The name ''Mousepushers'' kind of just invented itself!\n\n[img[./images/mp.jpg]]
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[img[./images/colouraudit/address_label.gif]]\n\nCheques should be made payable to ''"Pixelmix Digital Training"''
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Professional Imagemaker is the Magazine of [[The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers|http://www.swpp.co.uk]]
training, digital imaging, workflow management and colour auditing services
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Mike regularly teaches Photography, Digital Imaging, and much of the Adobe suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator and ~InDesign from absolute beginner all the way to advanced level. If you are interested in learning more, please [[get in touch|ContactUs]]
Welcome to the Mousepushers.com website...\n\nMousepushers (a.k.a. Pixelmix Digital Training) provide computer-based training in Professional Digital Imaging and associated fields, such as digital photography.\n\nMousepushers Training courses are not a fixed "off the shelf" affair, they can be customised to precisely meet your requirements, from One on One training to larger group tutorials or seminars. We specialise in the Adobe® suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, ~InDesign) and Colour Calibration Technologies.\n\nIf you require further information, please contact MikeMcNamee\n\nWe also provide [img[./images/colouraudit.gif][ColourAudit]] services, designed to improve the colour accuracy of your workflow, including monitors, printers and scanners.
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